COMMENT- Put the System on trial! Not just Musharraf

By Majed Iqbal- Musharraf’s trial this week bought much attention as he vehemently tried to defend himself against the title of ‘Ghadaar’ (traitor), the worst label a Politician or a ruler could be labeled whilst or after serving office.

Musharraf boasted about his tenure served  in the Army, his participation in the Kargil operation against India, rooting out corruption and putting in economic reforms to reduce the debt.

If one were to jog their memory back, they would remember the US inspired coup led by Musharraf in 1999, following exiling of Benazir and Sharif  to finish off any opposition. Was it to root out corruption or solidify his own position as the Mastermind for a US agenda in the region?

As far as his Military career goes, then it is like saying “Im a good dad because i look after my kids”. You don’t mention the obvious! Would you give a medal to a father for saying this? Its your responsibility! Surely thats why you signed up to the Army to defend the country?!

Economically, Pakistan became further in Debt. Recycling IMF loans by taking on more loans is not exactly managing debt or reducing it; it was simply prolonged.

Lets not forget about his ‘Unstinting support’ for the US War on Terror which devastated Afghanistan and became the catalyst for internal disruption in Pakistan through suicide bombings, Political and Sectarian extra-judicial killings, free license for US security firms and CIA to roam free at will and cases of rendition and torturing of ‘suspects’ consequently sent off to Guantanamo.

However, fixating the discussion to Musharraf does not absolve the blame for previous and current rulers in Pakistan who solidified their own political careers by removing opposition to their rule to grab a free for all on the countries wealth. Thats why swiss accounts are filled with  billions of dollars of Pakistan’s wealth siphoned off by Politicians and rulers.

The system in Pakistan will churn out similar rulers, even those who seem good will be compromised by the power factions, the Capitalists, who steer the real agenda for the country.

The discussion on this case should surround around the inherent corruption of the Democratic system which churns out its Political Circus year in year out whilst the masses suffer.

Its time to put out credible, revolutionary alternatives on the table, suited to the History, values and Faith of the people they they have trust and conviction in.


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