COMMENT- Maria Miller isn’t the Problem, its the Political System!

By Majed Iqbal- Over the last week, Culture Secretary Maria Miller has come under fire as once again another MP expenses saga is disclosed. This time amounting to a staggering £45,000 claimed for housing.

Evidently, we have a public and a media who are furious and rightly so. Taxpayers money being used for MP’s personal endeavors doesn’t sit well with anyone. Today she has resigned from her position after extensive calls from across the board, including her own party. But whose fault is it really.

In the subject, Sociology, there is a discussion covered in the topic from “Crime and Punishment” where it is debated who is responsible for a crime. Is it the Individual or is society?. In this case everyone is fixated on blaming the individual, Maria Miller, conveniently forgetting that Politics is conducted within a framework, governed by laws, which are designed to suit and protect  the elite class and those who ride with them; in this case MP’s.

If Democracy was so sacrosanct then why are we repeatedly seeing scenes of ‘disgraced MP’s on our screens again and agin and again? Who knows how many other scandals are being brushed under the carpet? After all, Election time is around the corner. No one would like their dirty laundry pulled out for all to see!.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Tory, Liberal, Labour, UKIP or BNP. The system will continue to breed such corruption. Lets not focus on the leaves, twigs or branches. Lets examine the roots and debate the validity and practicality of a system which stems from the minds of limited, dependent, needy humans who inevitably design laws to favour themselves.

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