ASIAN EXPRESS- Twins have the ‘Urban-Nasheed’ Factor

Asian Express By Majed Iqbal- Meet Nabeel Hussain and Aqeel Hussain – two Birmingham-based twin brothers who have made an explosive  entry into the world of chart topping music, but with a distinct difference.

The dynamic duo, known as ‘Deewane Mustafa Twins’ have set the scene with a unique brand- Islamic poetry fused with urban beats.

With a leading record label behind them they have marked their entry onto the growing ‘Nasheed’ (Islamic Songs) market which has flourished exponentially in the last decade, striking a clear chord with a younger Muslim generation growing up in Western countries.

By day they work in a supermarket, practicing their vocals whilst on the job, and by night hit the studios to record and produce their tracks.

Their album “Ya Rasoolullah” launched in July 2013 by High Tech Music has sold thousands of albums off shelves and hit the slot of the third best selling album on iTunes in its first week of launching.


The duo’s artistic expression began at high school in the style of beat boxing.

“We were inspired by beat boxing artist Faith SFX and then ventured into performing for audiences at local events, talent shows, family fun days and Charity events” said Nabeel.


They beat boxed to popular chart music tracks from singers like the late Michael Jackson, Usher, Snoop Dogg and Justin Timberlake.

“Mixed audiences appreciated our unique style. We even applied to audition for Britain’s Got Talent in 2010 but never got through the initial stages,” highlighted Nabeel.

Driving force

In 2011, life took a tragic course when the twins mother passed away. This had a profound impact on their thinking and outlook about life, its meaning, its purpose. “It brought us more close to our religion, Islam,” said Nabeel.

In 2012 they swapped their Beat boxing to commercial songs to Urdu nasheeds sung by famous traditional artists from Pakistan.

They came up with the name ‘Deewane Mustafa Twins’ and worked to find a new way of portraying their love for Nasheeds (Islamic Songs) to the younger generation. They are huge fans of great singer/songwriter Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Nasheed artist Sami Yusuf for their huge contribution to Sufi music.

They put all their energy into writing and practicing Nasheed’s, and developing something new, unique and innovative.

The Start

Aided with some musical experience from school classes, they began working on some melodies by using existing Islamic poetry. They came came up with ten tracks and decided to approach a record label to hear their work.


“We approached DJ Chino and presented our tracks. We were fresh and we had no knowledge of music production. He was shocked with our beat boxing because nasheeds are not normally beat-boxed to!” laughed Nabeel

DJ Chino, known for working with big names in the Asian Music scene immediately signed them up for five years with his record label, High Tech Music.


They recorded their Album early in 2013 in Alum Rock, Birmingham at Frantic Studios and released their Feature track named after their album “Ya Rasoolullah” in July 2013 followed by a second track release “Rabbana”, both of which have been huge successes.

The group has received appreciation internationally as well as nationally receiving messages of support from Pakistan, France, Poland, South America and even West Indies!

The Duo will be releasing their next two videos for singles ‘Chamak tujhse’ and ‘Mustafa jaaney rehmat’ before Ramadhan in June.

“We are already working on our second album! We’re going to make the music a little softer using traditional instruments from this album based on feedback we’ve received from our fans.” said Nabeel.

A few concerts are also coming up soon in schools, park mela’s and charity events by the group.

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