Selena Gomez heckled for supporting Gaza

The murder of hundreds of people and injuries of thousands In Gaza by the Zionist, racist and illegal state of Israel would not fail to have moved even the most stone hearted of people, except those blind followers of Israel who sit behind desks in their Media hubs to silence the debates condemning Israel on Social Media.

This is why many popular personalities have come out to publicly support Gaza in response to the military machine of Nazi styled state of Israel.

Selena Gomez, considered as a popular icon for may youth across the Globe for her television and Music career has come under the firing line for tweeting a message of support for Gaza. She tweeted the following picture, only to be subject to threats of unfollowing her on twitter and questioning how she could support ‘murderous Palestinians’.


This poses many concerns.

Firstly, you are not free to say what you think as advocates of Liberal democracies would like you to believe. Your thoughts are policed to fit the status Quo.

Secondly ‘Celebs’ are told to choose between their careers and conscience and made felt guilty for supporting noble causes; in this case Palestine and the brutal massacre led by Israel against them.

Thirdly, those who shout the loudest are able to silence any legitimate and genuine concern held by the ordinary and popular people in a bid to steer the debate and de-humanise peoples feeling over issues.

We should congratulate the likes of Selena Gomez for publicly coming out and showing support for Palestine and pray that Allah opens her heart to further goodness that Islam has always propositioned.

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