Rotherham Grooming Case- Who is responsible?

By Majed Iqbal- The news of cases of grooming young and underage girls for sex by Asians in Rotherham has re-invigorated the same debate surrounding the role of race in sexual crimes. It was back in 2012 when Nine Asian men from Rochdale were sentenced to a total of 77 years in Jail for grooming young white girls for sex.

The new cases highlighted in Rotherham have sparked off a national debate on the protection of young children from sexual predators. Only a handful of people, those interested in peddling the same hate filled propaganda have pursued the ‘race’ link to the issue.  The focus for everyone else has diverted  to more of the core issues surrounding this case.


Moving away from the Race Card

Unlike the narrative spun on the Rochdale cases which surrounded around race and religion with media and Politicians lining up to victimise the Pakistani Community for not ‘rooting out’ criminals and simply not doing enough; the cases in Rotherham has now focused on the inability of the Police, Council and child protection agencies to help the victims of this heinous crimes.


Details are now emerging that Rotherham Council was well aware of the claims of sexual abuse of young girls taking place made over a decade ago, whilst others have insisted that the length of abuse spans a staggering sixteen year period and not ten.

Recent events surrounding the Jimmy Saville, Max Clifford an Rolf Harris scandal has shifted the debate on grooming from a race related phenomenon as brandished by Media in the Rochdale and Derby Grooming cases to one now of an endemic societal problem which was kept hidden from public eye for decades.


Institutional Failures

Many of the victims over the years approached the police, social services and youth workers, all of whom turned a blind eye to the evidence, testimonies and the begging of help from distraught young girls. Even when a youth worker raised the alarm on the issue, it went on deaf ears. There is also an investigation launched into a cover up ordered by the council to clean up past files on the issue.

In one case one of the victims provided clothes with evidence which was passed onto police. They then went on to lose it! She was told

“It was “my word against his” and that the case “probably wouldn’t result in a conviction, or even get to court”


Lessons from the Rochdale Grooming Case

Rochdale, a town in the north which hit headlines in 2012 when nine men were sentenced to a total of 77 years for grooming young girls for sex drew attention to the fact that it was Asian problem. Rochdale’s MP Simon Danczuk at the time commented to the BBC that

“There is a subculture which exists in the Asian Community, that have a particular view of young white girls which is completely unacceptable. Some of it is cultural”

simon danczuk

Commenting in the independent newspaper he said

“We still need a breakthrough, I think, in terms of the Asian community,” he said. “I think there has to be some acknowledgement. I think there has been some denial in terms of this being a problem and I’ve seen that over the last couple of years there’s been a tendency not to want to speak about it in terms of ethnicity.

However, Post Saville/Clifford/Harris era, the debate for the Rochdale MP shifted from race to institutional failures, which with some degree of honesty, could be argued was the case in the Rochdale grooming too! Writing for the Daily Mail he said

“The parallels that both these cases have with what has been happening in Rotherham are hugely disturbing, and suggest that nothing has been done to improve standards of child protection in this country for more than 40 years”

“So why does this keep on happening? Why do the police, social services and the child protection agencies repeatedly fail to act on clear evidence that there is abuse going on? The problems, I very firmly believe, all stem from the top”.


Where now from here?

Difficult questions remain to be answered as to why young girls are falling prey to sexual predators. Discussions on values and ideals used to raise children, the family structure and the heavily dosed sexualised media, all require deep analysis and questioning  in these cases of girls being groomed.

As many commentators have said, many victims don’t even speak out. Has the tip of the iceberg been touched in these cases? Only time will tell.



  1. we know who is responsible…it is the filthy paedo worshipping muslim pakistanis….if the muslims hadn’t groomed and raped those little girls…then the police would never have been needed….but the crimes were commited by your fellow pakistanis….and nothing you say can change that fact…now what to do…start by deporting the families of the perps while they are in jail…shut down the mosques where the imans said because Mo did it,it was ok for them to do it..stop all future muslims entering the country..limit benefits to how much tax you and your parents have paid..have complete segregation…you must pass an english exam to a certain standard to get a job in any government office……this will do to begin with….of course we stay out of all wars involving muslims and let them kill each other if they want to…that way they’re happy..we’re happy..

    • I think you need to read the report which was issued on this case by Dr. Joy. Have you read her findings? Might be worth it before commentating on this complex case

    • facts are pakistani muslims raped more than 1400 non muslim under age white girls…you dont need a degree to see the problem with muslims..and the vile teachings in the koran espoused by the imans..

    • Hmmm. So you missed out the part where it mentions how Asian girls were also victims as well. Still don’t want to read the report?

      Lastly, please can you kindly quote me where it says in the Quran that a man can take advantage of a white girl. Thanks

  2. so you’re denying it says that a muslim can take as a slave or concubine non muslim females..and you deny that the local imans actually told their fellow followers of islam it was ok…as the GIRLS were non muslim..and all we get from the muslim community is total denial..that it wasn’t muslims and not islam..well it was muslims…of from pakistan and of pakistani origin…i do not believe muslims…and i do not trust muslims…they are my enemy…hopefully the majority in the west bring in governments that see the muslim and islam for what it is about…not a religion but an ideology with terrorist tendencies…and a hatred for everything not islamic..we need to pull out of all islamic countries let them fight each other..remove those we deem a danger to our way of life(all)..and no admittance to the foeign seperation….here the pakistani muslim rotherham outrage..has hopefully lit the fuse of retribution…because the girls haven,t had it…..yet….and this fuse is hopefully short….nothing you say will change the facts…

    • You’ve failed to answer 2 simple questions. Let’s rest the case there.

    • because you know i’m right…groomer apologist…when the earthquake hits….we’ll send shovels….

    • A person can only be right if at least they build their case on evidences. Obviousley you haven’t read the report on Grooming or the Quran. So if you’re used to reading gutter press, then I can’t exactly blame people for having views like these.

      Do yourself a favour and enrol yourself onto a Literacy course. Reading is healthy for the mind and the intellect.

  3. Dude can you please stop calling them Asians? They were Pakistanis. Let us not mix these 200 million Pakis with the other 4 billion Asians. That is completely disrespectful to Asians.
    How does it matter if “Asian girls were also victims”? How does it make those bast**ds any holier?!!!

    • The fact that Asian girls were also victims highlights quite clearly that race was not a motivating actor for these sexual predators. It was about who they could access and abuse. This stands for abusers of all colours and walks of life e. g Jimmy Saville and rolf Harris

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