Rochdale Family arrested on Syrian Border- Released without Charge

NOT GUILTY- Rochdale 6 are cleared of all charges

By Majed Iqbal- The ‘Rochdale 9’, a family of nine including 5 adults and 4 children (minors not guilty of anything) caught on the Syrian Border and an individual under investigation in Rochdale have all been released without charge.

Police said there was no evidence has uncovered to suggest any imminent threat ‘to the communities of Rochdale or the UK’.

All six of the people (adults) have been released without charge.


The Story hit national headlines and put Rochdale once again in the firing line for further bad press.  It was a field day for the Media, un-earthing another extremist who had gone to Syria to join ISIS. This was a story worth hanging around for.

Guilty before trial. Guilty before being proven innocent. Trial By Media. That’s how many muslims living in Rochdale would describe the episode.

Who needed the courts to be the judge, jury and executioner when we had Journalists foaming from their mouths trying fervently to get a ‘radical response’ from the Muslim community in Rochdale to incriminate the individuals. It just didn’t happen. But it was journalists who were going to sentence these Rochdale individuals to a lifetime of misery. Their names had been dragged through the mud!

Those from the Muslim Community who issued statements condemning anyone and everyone, even when the facts had not been established surrounding the case? Running to national press and News Stations, providing their own spin on the story. Pursuing personal agendas and career aspirations to get on national stage off the back of this story, all backfired for this ilk.

National and discredited organisations like the Quilliam Foundation have also found themselves with egg inter face. They tried their utmost best to highlight that Muslim Groups in Rochdale radicalised these individuals who were bored and wanted something more exciting to satisfy their radical hunger and went for Syria of rates endeavours; building the false narrative surrounding the entire case on their baseless lies! Where are they today for their public apology?

Will the papers who printed and publicised these stories, now issue their apology on the front pages of their papers?



  1. Bloody DAILYMAIL biggest muslim haters.

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