Ramadhan Mubarak from Majed’s Blog

On the arrival of this Beautiful Month, the Month of Ramadhan, the Month of patience, the month of gratitude, the month of guidance, the month of self- reflection, the month of repentance, the month of change, the month of revival, the month of change and the month of victory.

I would like to extend my greetings to all readers on the arrival of Ramadhan and pray that this month full of rewards is beneficial for you and for me. Ameen

This month, Majed’s Blog continues in its work by

1- Addressing issues of the day relating to the Muslim community & articulating the responses required on the Blog

2- Daily pictorial Ramadhan Gems released on Instagram, each one helping us to focus introspectively.

3- Daily Tweets on Twitter on @majedsblog with commentary and analysis on local, national and world events

4- Regular Short video reminders on YouTube

5- Ramadhan Radio appearances Audio will be made available on Soundcloud

Continue supporting the Blog and its work by sharing the content and submitting your work that you would like to  publish through this Dawah Platform.

May Allah accept from us and you in this Holy Month.


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