#TGBBO- The Cake with an Identity crisis

By Majed Iqbal– Earlier this week, we saw the grand finale for the ‘Great British Bake Off’ Show which has been dubbed by some as ‘Britain’s ultimate TV baking contest’. I have to be honest, i’ve only ever caught a few snapshots of the show! Nadiya Hussain, a Luton-born 30-year-old mum-of-three stole the show and became victor. However, some in the Media were not applauding along at her success.


Was it her cake? Was it the dressing? Was it the taste? It was none of these. Her victory was muddied by journalists who decided to throw in jibes on her identity, background and her faith. The Sun and Daily Mail, the papers which ‘appeal’ to many in the country took the lead in lambasting the finalist.

The pot shots began before the final with Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell claiming  white contestant Flora Shedden didn’t have a hope with her chocolate carousel in the semi-finals whereas “if she’d made a chocolate mosque, she’d have stood a better chance”.

The Sun’s TV columnist Ally Ross  was lambasted by users on social networking site Twitter, He felt BBC executives “no doubt did a multi-cultural jig of politically-correct joy” by crowning Nadiya the winner. Below is how people reacted to his tweet

What has surfaced is nothing new. From Mainstream Political Parties to far right thugs. From those in power and those who are contesting, Islam and Muslims in Britain have been perfect game for them to justify Mass hysteria over a minority to further their own narrow agendas.

The media has simply followed suit to the terrain which has been set officially from the corridors of power and from those policy ‘think-tanks’ whom politicians lend an attentive ear to. It is the peddling of such narratives that has led to increased attacks on Muslim living in Britain in the last years  with a rise of 90% just alone in London!

Not only are Muslims being policed for what they think, what they can say, what they can believe in, now we can’t even bake a bloomin cake on TV without being vilified!


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