TWEETDECK- Looking into the #ParisAttacks

The tragic and horrific events that occurred in Paris have deeply moved people around the globe. The incidents in which 129 people were callously murdered in cold blood whilst on their routine daily activities on the eve of Friday have been condemned by  all, including Muslims living in Europe who shared the grief and pain of those who lost their lives.

Majed’s Blog shares a series of views to help understand the events and provide some critical views to decipher the narrative of how Media and Governments are presenting this tragic incident.


  1. David greenwood says:

    1. We must stop cultrul marxism which has made europe a big mess.
    2. Everybody must have a British flag in their windows at remberance day.

    3.also sing france national anthem to show support.

    When we got jihadi John I saluted my British flag with national anthem. On Saturday I saluted the television when French anthem was on just like a proper solider! Let’s back the French!

    Tank commander David greenwood from deanhead

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