COMMENT- US Presidential Elections 2016- Dawn of Justice?

US ELections 2016- Is justice on the way to being served? OR is it a usual merry go around of those with money taking US citizens for a spin?

By Majed Iqbal- With the third round of the Presidential debate over for the hotly contested POTUS (President of the United states) position, opinion is polarised, with some supporters even willing to sweep past misdemeanors of Clinton and Trump under the carpet, in order to pave a new way ahead.

The campaigns by both contestants raise many questions. Most media coverage has centred around mud-slinging of character defamation; a pertinent reminder of how politics in banana republics operate, but hey , this is the greatest Political contest of the free and leading nation of the world.

In this delicately, politically crafted Presidential race set up, we are being presented with two rivals, from two opposing parties, with two distinct visions but essentially fighting for the same goals, the endorsement of the same system, the continuation of economic disparity, the pursuance of American hegemony across the world, the rubber stamping of political monopoly for the elite class, the marginalisation of races and the victimisation of faith communities post 9/11 era.

Is this a Batman VS superman reloaded episode, where the ultimate goals remain the same whilst both contenders pursue paths that they deem fit based on their limited insights of the world? Are Trump and Clinton the last best choices for humanity to be saved? Do the voters need to make a choice between the lesser of two evils? Will contender have to sacrifice for the greater good?

People of the world should not fall for the ‘Dawn of justice’ narrative in this Media centric Presidential campaign. America is a Capitalist state and will continue to be so, whether under Trump or Clinton. It is not the choice of Trump or Clinton that the world must battle to make. Instead the world needs to challenge Capitalism with a new contender, and that is Islam, the only ideological force that can save humanity from the clutches of self-destruction. It is Political Islam which will end  Global American Hegemony in the Muslim world that will be the new President elects worst nightmare.

It doesn’t make a difference if Trump or Clinton are elected. The dawn of justice will arrive when Capitalism’s contender will arrive on the world scene. Until then, the world can watch the joke of a show whilst the the impending reality is being produced and directed in lands far away.

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