Will PM Imran Khan end corruption in 19 days and Terrorism in 90 days?

By Majed IqbalPakistan has turned over a new leaf by electing Imran Khan from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) as their new Prime Minister. Election fever was high pitched as the three main parties including PML- N and PPP went all guns blazing. Character assassinations, mudslinging, low blows, exposes, self-imposed exiles, former PM behind bars and most importantly, grand promises.

The party lost its shot at the Last general election but vowed to come back. Imran khan continued to promise that he would end corruption in 90 days and terrorism in 90 days if elected as Prime Minister.

So, can the New PM deliver on this promise? Here a few things to consider

1.      All parties have a habit of making grand claims to attract the masses that my or may not materialise once they’re in power.

2.      PTI has not won a majority in Parliament. So, they must form a coalition government with other parties. This means you cannot makes decisions without getting the buy in from others to pass laws, make legislation and set out plans. Imran Khan will have to compromise on many issues, which means many manifesto claims will never see the ink on paper.

3.      PTI attracted many Politicians who had a history of sleeping around with other parties. When they saw the ship sinking with other parties, they jumped ship and took their vote base, their supports with them. Such Politicians are power hungry, business driven with personal vested interests and have no Political principles. This places a big question on how exactly they will be kept in check.

4.      The Army is the establishment who are the real game changers in Pakistani politics. Many issues will be dictated, only giving the new Prime Minister set boundaries to work from.

How exactly Prime Minister Imran Khan will resolve corruption in Pakistan in 19 days is beyond the imagination of many. What we can say for certain is that Democracy in Pakistani Politics changes parties once elected and not the other way around as we are led to believe.


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