New Zealand Mosque Massacre- The Media, Govt & Politicians are responsible

By Majed Iqbal- The  news that a right-wing extremist planned and executed a massacre by gunning down Muslim worshippers in a Mosque, in Christchurch, New Zealand, has been heart breaking.

The day of Jumu’ah, a day of worship, where Muslims congregate and pray together was scene to a bloodbath today. What was their crime? Nothing, except the fact that they were Muslims and someone felt convinced enough that they were a problem that need to be eliminated.

Such was the venom in this radicalised individual, that he decided to Facebook live stream the entire massacre. It begs the serious question, as to where and how did such a person poison his thinking to justify the slaying of innocents?

The answer is quite simple. Structural racism and Islamophobia for the last few decades in the west has become normalised.

The Media, Government and Politicians have played their role in espousing hateful views and passed them off as legitimate debate and concerns over the future of Western countries.

Hold them responsible and accountable and Muslims across the Globe are waiting to see the Leadership expected from those who currently represent the Muslim world, on how they will respond tot he events.

Earlier on, I tweeted my thoughts as I heard of the events late morning.

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