1947 & Pakistan- From a British Raj to an American Raj

Muhammad Ali Jinnah taking the salute at a military march past in Karachi, having been sworn in as the first Governor General of the Muslim Dominion of Pakistan, Aug. 17 1947.

By Majed Iqbal– Sixty eight years on since the creation of Pakistan we see misery, corruption, poverty, terrorism and the new menace of US occupation of a land that was created through great sacrifices in 1947 with blood to create an Islamic State where people of all faiths, colours and backgrounds could live peacefully. This dream is […]

Ramadhan Reminders- Day 20- Eid

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Ramadhan Reminders- Day 11-20

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Ramadhan Reminders- Days 1-10

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Ramadhan Mubarak from Majed’s Blog

On the arrival of this Beautiful Month, the Month of Ramadhan, the Month of patience, the month of gratitude, the month of guidance, the month of self- reflection, the month of repentance, the month of change, the month of revival, the month of change and the month of victory. I would like to extend my […]

“Rohingya Muslims- How do we respond?” Ummah Channel Show

I was invited onto the Ummah Channel, a UK based Islamic Satellite Channel to discuss the recent Rohingya Muslims crisis where hundreds were left abandoned in open waters, bordering starvation.

EXPOSED- Cameron & Theresa May’s Agenda on ‘Tackling Extremism’

The new Tory Government has decided to act on full speed to execute plans on ‘Tackling extremism’ before even its opponents could even recover from the hangover of the recent Election results. In full force, Cameron et al want to stamp their authority and mark, mirroring UKIP’s lame efforts of blaming the entire societal problems on […]

VIDEO- Election Rigging- ‘Can PTI deliver the change?’- Ummah Channel

I was invited onto the Ummah Channel on the Community Platform show to discuss “Election Rigging- Can PTI deliver the change?” hosted by Adnan Khan.  

STATEMENT- Rochdale Muslim Community on release without charge of Rochdale Family

The following is a statement submitted to Majed’s blog from members of the Rochdale Muslim community including Teachers, Businessmen, Solicitors, Healthcare professionals and Community activists that has been circulated widely locally to Community Leaders and on social Media in light of the recent releasing without charge of 6 Rochdale residents accused of trying to sneak into Syria with eight of […]

Rochdale Family arrested on Syrian Border- Released without Charge

By Majed Iqbal- The ‘Rochdale 9’, a family of nine including 5 adults and 4 children (minors not guilty of anything) caught on the Syrian Border and an individual under investigation in Rochdale have all been released without charge. Police said there was no evidence has uncovered to suggest any imminent threat ‘to the communities of Rochdale or the […]