The Team

Majed Iqbal (Rochdale)

Majed has been at the forefront of discussions and debates taking place locally and nationally related to the Muslim community. He contributes towards local, regional and national newspaper and has had many of his articles published on reputable websites. He plays an active role at a local level in Rochdale and has participated in many TV Programs to raise his views and those of the Muslim community.

Zaufishan Iqbal (Webistan)

Zaufishan works as a Muslim Teacher and plays an active Dawah role on the webisphere. Running websites more than i can count on my fingers, she is the founder of “the kingdom of Muslim Blogs”  attracting over 30,000 monthly hits on her website! Opinionated, Cartoonist (lit. draws cartoons and comics), a student to global culture, inter-racial societies, literature, Islamic law- a graphic designer, a technology freak and a Facebook Guru.

Poet 786 (On the streets)

Poet 786 brings to Majeds Blog his lyrical expression in the form of poetry and adds a new dimension to this site. Poet 786 encapsulates the  feelings and emotions surrounding topics that Muslims feel closely about- Identity,  War on Terror, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, Reforming Islam in the name of fighting terror. Poet 786 is able to condense lengthy discourse into simple and digestible messages that reach out to Muslims

AndrushaAndrusha (Hebden Bridge)

Andrusha Wickremeratne is a freelance writer, independent Political analyst and a speaker at local events and media Outlets covering local, national and International events. He has been a regular guest speaker on Islam Radio’s (Bradford) current affairs show and has made appearances on Crescent radio (Rochdale). He is active in research and study on International Politics and continues to utilise his in depth views by writing for this blog

Poet-AJ (Bradistan)

AJ has a keen interest in the current affairs/politics of Pakistan.  He has appeared on Pakistani Channels and produced a special series on Pakistani history for Islam radio.  He also has worked in the community and with the youth on various issues.  He wrote a poem called ‘The EDL Came’ to encourage the youth to not get involved in violence  and present Islam by debate, discussion and by practising it. He hopes to inspire positive change through his poetry.

STARS2Zaythoun Suleman (Rochdale)

Zaythoun actively addresses current affairs and Islamic issues, approaching subjects from a  distinct angle. She has been active in local activities and has set up a blog on home schooling for children. In line with her passion and zeal for actively addressing issues, Zaythoun moves further ahead now in writing for this blog on topical subjects bringing a unique approach to understanding events around us.

SURF2Yasmeen Ahmed (Rochdale)

Yasmeen has been active in the local community tackling issues of diverse natures.  She has actively spoken at public events; participated in and established local forums; written articles for young Muslim women in the area; and been involved in local radio stations in the North West debating and discussing issues close to her heart.  Yasmeen now presents her detailed articles on this blog to inspire others to think deeply.

Moh BloggsMoh Bloggs (Blogistan)

Moh Bloggs is a cyber addict with a thoughtful mind and key eye focus on various issues concerning Muslim affairs in the UK. Moh Blogs brings his frank and honest style to this blog with his distinct style of writing tackling a range of areas of discussion, specifically news of the day with commentary and analysis

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