#ReleaseMoazzam Protest Pictures

Todays protest was attended by a wide range of people in Birmingham in support of Moazzam Begg who was arrested and charged on a flimsy premise of supporting Syrians with Aid and exposing the UK Government’s & M15’s role in rendition and torture outsourced to the Syrian regime under Assad

VIDEO- Attacks in Pakistan: What are the Pakistani youth saying?

The recent events in Pakistan of bombings and attacks  have been reported by many media outlets who have churned out the usual spin in their coverage, blaming everything on the ‘enemy inside’. The following video highlights grass roots views of the youth in Pakistan as to how they feel about the situation with recent polls […]

Picture Story- Thousands protest against Military action in Swat- Pakistan

By Majed Iqbal- Thousands gathered together in Swat to protest against the Military action  in the area which has seen hundreds of lives lost. The protest demanded that the government withdraw the army from the area and lift the curfew which has made life difficult for the residents. Despite the Governement PR on convincing the […]

A Marriage Blessed Internationally

A Marriage Blessed Internationally Perfect match for American Interests in the region. What can go wrong? RELATED: From Islamabad to London to Washington The Generals way or the High way Nawaz Sharifs return to Pakistan- Bites with no Teeth!