POEM- A child washed ashore by sea & all they cry is me

By Abdul Jabbar   A child washed ashore by sea & all they cry is me I am angry Why should I not be? Would you not if that was your child? With such ease they expect me to be mild My blood is boiling after seeing that picture They do not know that this […]

Poem: Pakistan – Islam is my destiny

By Nisar Deen They call for a revolution Without a real solution They promise me a new start By tearing me apart Yet I was created for Islam I do not belong to them They call for independence To have me bitten twice They promise to make me free For all to take a share […]

POEM- ‘3/3’

By Poet 786 That was the day we shall remember forever When they said the Giant will arise again never When the skies over the Ummah became clouded When the Qur’an was in a dark cloth shrouded The light of the world was now extinguished The darkness could no longer be distinguished They claimed the […]

POEM- Watch Over Me

By Abdul Jabbar As I walk Are they watching me? As I talk I feel alone in a dark sea! Are my words being recorded To be played back distorted Should I stop for a blink? Will I be made to sink! Why should I care? No I can’t despair I have the haq So […]

POEM-Abode of Islam

By Poet 786 Can’t wait no more To tell you a long time ago Capitalism was destroyed Democracy was left void Justice was planted Oppressors were hunted Can’t wait no more To tell you we settled a score Kingdoms were demolished Their properties relinquished Lands were irrigated Minds were liberated Can’t wait no more To […]


By Poet AJ Obama gives order Across Pakistan border Drones fly Children die Then in America it is debated Why are we the most hated? After Musharraf, Kayani also spilt the blood of the pure But advice from the sincere he continues to ignore Today we suffer & burn Tomorrow Khilafah will return Justice will […]

POEM- In my Lifetime

By Abdul Jabbar I see the pure blood spilt Tyrants with no guilt With no fear Only Allah to go near How long will it take? Allah will not forsake Indeed the victory from Allah is near So why the tyrants should we fear? Have patience oh Sham Do not fall for their scam cause […]

POEM- Palestine

By Poet 786 i am a land of dignity Do not show me sympathy For it is a chronic disease That only puts your heart at ease i am still occupied! As my blood flows Do not shed tears Once your eyes have dried You are no longer horrified i am still occupied! As my daughters are raped Do […]

POEM- The Heart of Islam

By Poet 786 They can burn the Qur’an But never burn my Iman Firm in the Furqan Distinguishing halal from haram Never will they take away my Islam Every fire they light The Qur’an shall shine more bright Darkest hearts it shall illuminate Staunchest enemies it shall dominate By it Superpowers will be crumbled The […]

POEM- One Way

By Poet 786  The one who has gone, will he ever return He shall never return, forever he has gone A permanent abode, life was never meant to be Only if he realised he was on a journey It was temporary, but he was never to understand For he was fooled by the shade of […]