Down Memory Lane (Television Appearances)

In the midst of controversies, national debates and international events, Majed has appeared on various Television stations to air his views. He has played an active role participating in many TV Programs to raise his views and those of the Muslim Community on national and international television stations on topics like the current situation in […]

Down Memory Lane (Website Articles)

Throughout the last years, Majed and many of the Blog Contributors have had their articles published on mainstream Website. The montage below illustrates this hard work.

Down Memory Lane (Newspaper Articles)

A montage of newspaper Articles written by Majed over the last years on topical and contemporary issues.

SLIDESHOW- Rochdale Stall for SRE Campaign

Campaign stalls have been running for 2 weeks highlighting the growing concern on Government plans to introduce Sex Education for 5 year old children. The slideshow shows  the Weekly Saturdays Stall for the SRE Campaign that is growing in support in Rochdale

Rochdale’s Question Time Event on Extremism draws hundreds

Rochdale’s Question Time Event was greeted by over 200 eager members of the community on Saturday night including men and women, young and old, professionals and students, community leaders and Media who all attended for a real insight into the debate on “Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community”. The Event, which was heavily publicized and […]

SLIDESHOW- After Benazir- What next for Pakistan?

Published on the Asian Image Website By Majed Iqbal- Ever since Benazir stepped backed into Pakistan, security was the key concern for her to ensure she could kick start her Political rallying after securing her deal with the then ‘uniformed’ Musharraf. Her episode in the Karachi Rally where she narrowly escaped death re-asserted the lack of Political […]

Khilafah- Mainstream OR Fringe?

The Indonesian Khilafah Conference- (August 2007) By Majed Iqbal-We’ve been hearing it from the Politicians in the West, from Corrupt Rulers in the Muslim and Arab world, from selected ‘Scholarly’ personnel that Caliphate is a historical Phenomenon with no relevance to the modern World today. These sections have actively worked to malign the call for […]


The community in Rochdale was presented with an opportunity to key into the many discussions that have taken place in Government circles, Press, Television and in the Muslim community. Over 70 people attended the event to understand the current political environment in which the Muslim community is being subjected to plans, demands and orders and […]