Rock n Roll Jihad- The answer to ‘Radicalisation’?- An Interview with Junoon’s Salman Ahmad

By Majed Iqbal- Debates raging around extremism and radicalisation have actively been discussed in the last years in government circles, by Politicians, ‘expert’ think tanks and the media. Adding to this list comes forth Salman Ahmad, dubbed as South East Asia’s version of Bono and a Global citizen working for peace. Salman Ahmad is Pakistan’s leading […]

MAJEDS BLOG EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- Rabbi speaks out: “Israel needs to be dismantled”

By Majed Iqbal and Waseem Aslam- Over 1000 men, women and children have been killed and over 5000 injured in Israel’s brutal state terrorism over the last few weeks in Gaza. Attacks on UN Buildings, Schools, cutting off humanitarian aid and medical supplies and bombing civilian houses and even graveyards have been the scenes we […]

SPECIAL REPORT- “Ramadhan- A case study of the Values of Islam”

The Special Report below takes a critical look at certain values which is believed to be having a detrimental effect upon society. Certin realities are posed and presented and fresh angles are given to offer a critique on what alternative set of values may offer solutions to the problems faced. The Special Report looks at […]

REPORT- Integration of Faiths under the Islamic Civilisation

The following report below was written as part of the Islamic Awareness Day hosted in the Rochdale Town hall In September 2006. The report covered the various discussions on a stall that i was doing which celebrated the Scientific, Educational, Technological and Societal achievements made under the Islamic civilisation- more better known as the Caliphate. The report was also […]