DM Question Time- Youth Debate: Pak-US Relations

Majed was invited to the second part of a Youth Debate Show on the issues surrounding Pakistan today on the UK Based Pakistani Channel, DM Digital. Episode 2 looked at the relationship between Pakistan and the USA and its implications domestically and future repercussions for the countries involved

DM Question Time- Youth Debate on problems in Pakistan

Majed was invited onto the UK Based Satellite channel- DM Digital (sky channel 802) for the first episode of a LIVE Youth Show on the issues facing Pakistan today. Full Video of the show below

DM Question Time Show- Pakistan Drone Attacks & Raymond Davis Case

Majed was invited onto the UK Based Satellite channel- DM Digital (sky channel 802) alongside a panel of distinguished guests for a LIVE Show to discuss the recent turmoil in Pakistan around the Raymond Davis saga and the recent Drone attacks. The Panelists included – Major Shabir Hussain (Retired) – Khwaja Adnan (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) – […]

VIDEO- DM Question Time- Pastor Jones and the EDL

On Monday 13th Dec 2010, I was invited to speak on the DM Digital Channel Show “Question Time” – a Live show which deals with Domestic current affairs affecting the Muslim community in Britain. The subject of debate was the entry of Pastor Jones, the organiser of ‘Burn a Quran Day’, who was now seeking […]

DM Digital Appearance discussing Pakistan Crisis

On Sunday 12 December I was invited on the DM Digital Channel to join another panelist to discuss the Current Events in Pakistan on the Mehboob Khan Late Gup Shup Show. I was joined by Qaiser Malik, the main guest on the show who focused on the root economic and political problems plaguing Pakistan. I […]