The OMG Show- Ep 6- “Tick Tock letz rise 2 da top”

Are u just wandering around? No real sense of purpose, just lettin time pass by? Not keeping track of time? Just going from one situation to another? Get a grip of yourself!!!!!  Sort your life out matey

The OMG Show EP 5- The “Born Identity”

Still running around trying to find out where you’re going in life? Do you know who you are? Where r u headin? Whats ur label on ur soul? Whats happened since Ramadhan time? Lets cheek it out!

The OMG Show Ep 4- “1 fast 2 furious”

Getting ticked off with people in Ramadhan? Is that fast driving you around the bend? Are you kicking off with friends and foe? How can you resolve your anger issues?

The OMG Show- EP 3- Is there Heaven for a G? (Feat iLL I.Q)

Some people have got NO Chance? Theyr way off the rails! or are they? Can people change? Will Ramadhan help? Is their salvation for a G??

The OMG SHOW- EP 2- Beauty and the Feast

Are those long 18 hour fasts really driving you nuts? Do you find yourself discussing Iftaari recipes at 11am in the morning? What should you be doing in the day in Ramadhan?

The OMG Show- EP 1- Top 10 Reasons for Fasting

So why do people fast in Ramadhan? Ever heard those excuses to justify fasting. They’re quite funny! some arereally ridiculous. Watch the show ith Majed and Qari Ammar Abbas to find out exactly why

NEW!- The OMG Show

Majed’s Blog brings you a new YouTube Video series. The OMG show has launched in the Month of Ramadhan 2011 providing  short creative videos which will serve as simple reminders on topical issues that we as Muslims face.