VIDEO- 9/11 and its consequences for the Muslim Community- UMMAH CHANNEL SHOW

Over 11 years ago, 9/11 became a defining moment in History. Over 3000 people lost their lives innocently, but what followed led to nearly 2 million deaths in an un-precedented War on Terror that had no time limit and no boundaries. I was invited alongside Muslim Activist, Mazhar Khan, to discuss the consequences of 9/11 […]

VIDEO- “Islam the Untold Story” REBUTTAL- Debate Night- UMMAH CHANNEL

Ummah Channel hosted a ‘Debate Night’ Program looking into the Channel 4 (UK) Documentary aired 2 weeks ago which made many factually incorrect remarks on the origins of Islam. Documentary Presenter and researcher, Tom Holland, was heavily criticised with over 1000 complaint sent to the Television Network. I was invited, alongside Mufti, Professor Mustafa Baig […]

VIDEO- Birmingham Case Acquittals, Tariq Jahan, & Concept of Justice- Ummah Channel Show

I was invited onto the Community Platform Show on Ummah Channel to discuss the topic of “VIDEO- Birmingham Acquittal, Tariq Jahan, & Concept of Justice”. The debate focused on the idea of Justice, leadership, Treatment of Minorities and how to present Islam as an alternative Ideological framework to view problems and solutions from.

Community Platform Show- “Islamophobia, Muslims & the Media”

I was invited onto the Community Platform Show on Ummah Channel, a UK based Satellite Channel, to discuss the issue of Islamophobia which was raised in a recent report by the organisation ‘Tell MAMA’. The Show was hosted by Popular anchor, Anjum Anwar.

Ummah Channel- ‘Rochdale Grooming Case’ Show

I was invited onto the UK based Satellite Station, Ummah Channel on 09/05/2012 on the Prime Time Show , CommUNITY Platform’ to discuss the recent convictions and sentencing of 9 Pakistani men from my home town Rochdale for the crime of grooming white girls for sex. The High profile case has been reported heavily in […]

GROOMING CASE- BBC North West Interview

Watch my interview on BBC North west aired on 08/05/2012, commenting on the Grooming of White girls by Pakistani men in Rochdale.

VIDEO- “Who will Save Pakistan?”

Watch the Video Trailer and event coverage for the much awaited event “Who will Save Pakistan” that took place in Bradford (UK) on 2nd March 2012. A Question on millions of people’s lips. Parties line up to discuss this issue in Bradford (UK). Watch the Debate on the YouTube link below PART ONE- PART TWO- PART […]

The OMG Show- EP 3- Is there Heaven for a G? (Feat iLL I.Q)

Some people have got NO Chance? Theyr way off the rails! or are they? Can people change? Will Ramadhan help? Is their salvation for a G??

The OMG SHOW- EP 2- Beauty and the Feast

Are those long 18 hour fasts really driving you nuts? Do you find yourself discussing Iftaari recipes at 11am in the morning? What should you be doing in the day in Ramadhan?

NEW!- The OMG Show

Majed’s Blog brings you a new YouTube Video series. The OMG show has launched in the Month of Ramadhan 2011 providing  short creative videos which will serve as simple reminders on topical issues that we as Muslims face.