COMMENT- Diane Abbot ‘Twitter Race Row’

By Majed Iqbal- Shadow health minister Diane Abbott has apologised after posting a comment online, sparking off a race row. On her Twitter account she wrote : “White people love playing ‘divide and rule’. We should not play their game.” The comments have hit press headlines over her 140 characters comment as she suddenly finds […]

COMMENT- ‘Students turn to Prostitution to fund Studies’

By Majed Iqbal- A report aired on BBC Radio 5 live today morning on  ‘Students turning to Prostitution to fund their Studies’ grabbed my attention immediately. The report highlighted that more and more students were turning to work in the sex industry to pay their way through university in the face of rising tuition fees […]

Pakistan Spot-Fixing Verdict- Who is to Blame?

By Majed Iqbal- The verdict of three Pakistani Players, jailed for deliberate no balls in a cricket match designed to show that matches can be fixed to bookies has come as a deep shock. Many described them as talented youngsters with a bright future ahead of them. Mohammed Asif was the second best Test Match […]

COMMENT- What is PM Cameron doing in Egypt?

By Majed Iqbal- British Prime Minister, David Cameron will be the first head of State to visit the ‘New’ Egypt, post Mubarak, the dictator who ruled Egypt for over 30 years with full backing and Support from the West which included commercial, military and intelligence ties . Today Cameron is congratulating the Egyptian People on […]

COMMENT: America’s Fear–The Will of the People

By Hamid Chaudry- The unfolding story of Egypt will run for a while longer…..perhaps even another thirty years.  While we can only guess at which path the country will take in the near term, this is undoubtedly an historic event for this generation. It is one of those events that will define the shape of […]

COMMENT- Musharraf rewarded for ‘Services’

By Majed Iqbal-Musharraf, the Darling of the west and dedicated comrade in the War on Terror has landed in London for a new chapter of his life and has been officially inaugurated in the House of commons. He now moves into his new £500,00 house with his family as he plans ahead his life in […]

COMMENT- Pakistans 20-20 Victory- Is it time to Celebrate??

By Majed Iqbal- Yesterdays Twenty twenty cup Final saw un-precendented coverage worldwide as Pakistan beat Sri-lanka in an 8 wicket match victory. Pictures and video footage beaming in from Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi on the Pakistani news networks showed crowds rejoicing after a historic win which saw Pakistan defeat the odds and answer back to the […]

COMMENT- Irans “Unacceptable” Democracy?

 By Majed Iqbal-Western countries have gone mad questioning  the validity of the results of the Iranian Elections. Newspaper reportage and coverage like ‘ Democracy is the loser in Iran’s ‘free’ election’ and ‘Iran faces international backlash over vote-rigging claims’ have all added to the media frenzy on Iran as Western observers map out what now […]

COMMENT- Nawaz Sharif gaining ‘good graces’ of the West

By Majed Iqbal- The long march held in March in Pakistan was a ripe opportunity for Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N to present itself as still a major stake holder in Pakistan’s politics after being sidelined and zardari being more favoured by outside powers. As a US led undeclared war in Pakistan continues to […]

COMMENT- Oh Goody! Now it’s Jade the Musical!

By Majed Iqbal- Jade Goody’s name is once again set to ‘shine’ in the limelight as a new Musical venture is in the makings of her life.  News about “Jady Goody: The Musical” has been revealed by Friends and family weeks after her death from cancer as a way of telling the story of her life. Already, […]