TWEET DECK- How to view the Egypt Coup

Tonights news on the ousting of Former President Morsi has brought a multitude of reactions. In these defining moments of a strategically important country in the Muslim World, Majed’s Blog presents its clear ideas on  HOW to view these events and articulate a formulated response. Find below tweets from the last few hours to help […]

COMMENT- Morsi & Egypt- Compromised Politics never work

Morsi- Is there another way?

By Majed Iqbal- A re-run of the Protests which ousted Mubarak back in 2011? This is what commentators are dubbing the fresh protests in Egypt as  where thousands have converged on the renowned Tahrir Square which shook the throne of the Dictator Mubarak. Its seem surprising that Egyptians are protesting against a Government which they […]

POEM- In my Lifetime

By Abdul Jabbar I see the pure blood spilt Tyrants with no guilt With no fear Only Allah to go near How long will it take? Allah will not forsake Indeed the victory from Allah is near So why the tyrants should we fear? Have patience oh Sham Do not fall for their scam cause […]

TRAILER- Who will save Pakistan?

Who will save Pakistan?

Although the present environment in Pakistan is politically charged, the corrupt civilian and military leadership are working hard to ensure that power remains amongst them in order to secure American interests in the region. However, over the past 67 years the noble Ummah of Pakistan has realised that it is the change of the system […]

BOSTON BOMBINGS- Imam ‘praises’ Obama over response

By Majed Iqbal- The Boston bombings earlier this week stepped into a Media Frenzy as the suspected bombers were chased and pursued, with one killed and the other arrested today morning, found hiding. In the midst of this chaos, the Media in usual fashion became the Judge, Jury and executioner on the story whilst the […]

COMMENT- Elections in Pakistan- The “Democratic Circus” Continues

By Majed Iqbal- With Election fever building up in Pakistan, once again, the masses are being fed with a set of bankrupt Politics which will bring no real change to the country’s situation. In the last year, one after the other, Politicians and Political parties have attempted to flex their muscles by talking about a […]

Islamabad Long March Finale- ‘Same Difference’?

Same Difference?

By Majed Iqbal- The recent unfolding Drama, a long March issuing an Ultimatum to the existing government, in the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, came to an end this Thursday. Thousands took to the streets and stayed for over 5 days and tolerated the freezing conditions at night to voice their issues. So now what from here. What […]

Indian Rape Case- Where is the Justice?

People protest on the streets of India

By Majed Iqbal- By now no one would have failed to have noticed the notorious rape case story that has been circulating the Media circuits for the last week. The extremely stressing story of a women being gang-raped by 6 men on a bus at 10 Pm at night in the Capital City of India, […]

VIDEO- Religion & Free Speech- Debate Night Special

Can Religion and Free Speech co-exist?

A special Debate Night on Ummah Channel was convened to discuss the topic of Religion and free speech Seven panelists were invited alongside over 50 guests from various backgrounds to debate the issue. As part of the audience i expressed my position on the subject.  

VIDEO- Why are protests on the Insulting Movie against Prophet Muhammad (SAW) getting violent? UMMAH Channel Show

Rallies across the Muslim World

Once again, a global debate arises with the release of an American based movie against Prophet Muhammad and Islam followed by a French Magazine announcing this week that it will publish caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Are Muslims too sensitive? How should the Violence that has ensued with US Embassies […]