Majed has been writing as a freelance journalist and has contributed his articles on various current affairs issues for the last few years. His and his colleagues articles from the Blog team have had their work published in regional and national newspapers as well as reputable websites. Click on the images below to see the published articles for each publisher

Asian Express Newspaper

The Asian Express (based in Leeds) is a Free national Newspaper with over 250,00 copies printed fortnightly. The paper is available from Glasgow right down to London covering a wide range of stories related to the Asian Community. Stories focus primarily on local issues which also have national significance.

Asian Leader Newspaper

The Asian Leader (based in Rochdale) is a fortnightly free paper for the North West and Yorkshire region. It covers a range of topics including showbiz,, sports, international and national affairs and local stories. The Newspaper is well received and is usually un-available in days of it being published.

My Deen Today Magazine

My Deen Today is a free magazine aimed at the Muslim community.   My Deen Today is produced by Muslims for Muslims . This means that My Deen Today is very close to the communities it wishes to serve. My Deen Today is a full colour magazine, free to the public and is distributed through high footfall retail outlets.

The Asian News Website

The Asian news website  is part of the MEN (based in Manchester) publishing and a sister site of the Guardian Newspaper. It is updated daily with current issues happening across the North West and yorkshire. It is primarily aimed at an Asian audience, featuring articles, pictures and videos on new issues

Asian Image Website

The Asian Image (based in Blackburn) is both a web and paper based news provider. It is updated daily with local and national stories. Its paper is circulated  regionally and can be found in various shops and supermarkets. The website  provides news on sports, entertainments and even has it own version of Agony Aunt.

Muslimness Online

Muslimness Online is a vibrant website with contributors from across the world who believe that  essence of Islam is being hugely distorted. The Muslimness concept began with one eccentric Muslim’s call for a drastic powerful change in Muslim expression to motivate others. “Out with the grey sites and in with diversity!” she hollered.

Islamic Times Newspaper

The Islamic times (based in Manchester) is a well designed serious newspaper looking into issues affecting Muslims living in Britain, Europe and across the Globe. It has a keen interest for in-depth articles and analysis and is widely available in mosques throughout the country and in other key places.

Passion Islam Magazine

Passion Islam Magazine (based in Batley) covers a wide range of interesting news stories. It features detailed Islamic Articles written and checked by local Scholars. The magazine provides a good balance of reading material for a range of audiences

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