ASIAN EXPRESS- “We need to learn from Asian and Black Communities on looking after the elderly” says MP

By Majed Iqbal- An MP has raised eyebrows, commenting on the endemic problem of isolation of elderly people by citing Black and Asian people as role models and their family structures in looking after their elderly. READ FULL ARTICLE ON links below WEB ARTICLE (Page 22) ONLINE ARTICLE  

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- New arrests made in second Rochdale sex Grooming case

Read my article written for the Asian Express Newspaper, on the Rochdale Sex grooming Case analysing the issues surrounding the story which have made national headlines. YORKSHIRE EDITION-  Click here to read Online NATIONAL EDITION-  Click here to read Online

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- “Bolton Muslims voice concern over Military in Mosque”

 By Majed Iqbal- A visit by the British Army to a Mosque in Bolton for an “Islamic Awareness” day has caused local outrage and has become the subject of heated discussion after it was revealed that the Army personnel visiting the mosque would be serving in Afghanistan in April this year. Organised by the Bolton […]

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- White girls are “Easy Meat” for Pakistani men says Jack Straw

Read the article – “White girls are “Easy Meat” for Pakistani men says Jack Straw” written for the January edition of the Asian Express National Newspaper. The story tackles the ‘sensationalist’ comments made by Straw when commenting on the spate of grooming offences reported in a Times Newspaper research piece. Click here to read the […]

ASIAN EXPRESS- Exploitation of Power at the Expense of the British Taxpayer

By Majed Iqbal- I was once told that if you went to Pakistan and wanted to strike a conversation with someone whilst travelling on a bus or a coach or in a restaurant, all you have to do is start talking about any one of the following topics – cricket, religion or politics. But the […]

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- Exploitation of power at the cost of the British Tax Payer?

Read Majed’s Article on Musharraf visit to Manchester (UK) published in the Asian Express Newspaper. The article highlights how the British tax payer is paying for the security of Musharraf. But this phenomenon of Pakistani politicians using Britain as a base to re-enter their country’s politics is not limited to Musharraf alone. Read the paper online […]

ASIAN EXPRESS Story- NO to Govt Agenda

The following article was published in the Asian Express Newspaper (national edition) with over 250,000 free newspapers in circulation. The article looks at recent events in Bolton where the Muslim community has challenged the government PVE project and organisations which received its funding. Read the full text of the article HERE.  Read the Newspaper Online on the Asian […]