ASIAN IMAGE ARTICLE- Rochdale Forum Questions Straw’s comments on Grooming

By Majed Iqbal– Rochdale has been under the spotlight in the last weeks after a report issued in the Times Newspaper highlighted cases of grooming of girls for sex and the subsequent imprisonment of young men from Rochdale. The case of Grooming hit the national news when thirteen men were charged in relation to Operation […]

ASIAN IMAGE ARTICLE- 3/4 of Youth in Pakistan define themselves as Muslims first

By Majed Iqbal- The Pakistan British Council has released a report titled “Pakistan: The Next Generation”, a large section of which aims at encapsulating the opinions of the youth of Pakistan on a variety of matters like religion, education and international politics. The report set out to argue for the ‘demographic dividend’, a principle which […]

Government’s New Islam and Citizenship Education (ICE) Curriculum for Mosques and Madrassah’s- Too cold for the Muslim Community

 By Majed Iqbal- In the last few years there has been an intense effort by the government in taking direct hands on approach in the affairs of the Muslim community in the name of tackling ‘radicalisation’ and combating ‘extremism’. For some, this has been a welcoming gesture, seeing the Government playing a ‘positive’ role in […]

ASIAN IMAGE ARTICLE- Pakistan “In-dependence” Day

Published on the Asian Image Website By Majed Iqbal- Pakistan Independence day will be celebrated in full swing today by the young and the old to mark the day which saw the formation of Pakistan in 1947. Pakistanis will be jumping with joy with festivities, speeches, and remembrance of the sacrifices made to bring the country into […]

ASIAN IMAGE Article- Sex education for five year olds?

A campaign has been launched in Rochdale following a new government project for primary schools which is set to be rolled out later this year. The controversial Sex and relationships (SRE) studies, aimed to open up the minds of five year old primary school children towards understanding sexual behaviour, orientation and managing relationships is currently in the consultation […]

Rochdale Imam accuses local Mosques of ‘Child Beatings’

By Majed Iqbal- According to a new report compiled by Irfan Chishti, a government adviser on Islamic affairs and a close ally to Hazel Blears on her agenda to tackle Extremism, has stated that Muslim children are being beaten and abused regularly by teachers at some madrassas. Students have been slapped, punched and had their ears twisted, according […]

Pakistani Elections 2008- What now holds for the future?

  Also available on the Asian Image Website By Majed Iqbal- February 18th 2008 saw Pakistan embarking on its Election Day amidst the chaos, Political unstability, violence, Foreign Interference and heavy handed tactics of the darling of London and Washington, the self styled “President” of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf. Dubbed as the most crucial and most important Elections in Pakistan […]

The Obesity Epidemic- Cashing in on the Problems

 By Majed Iqbal- People who are overweight could be paid to get slim, the government has suggested this week as part of its national strategy to tackle the obesity epidemic. Proposed measures include involving schools, employers, the food industry, GPs and others which are intended to encourage individuals to eat better and exercise more in part of […]

Hazel blears launches Muslim Women “Assertiveness Courses”

Published on the Asian Image Website By Majed Iqbal- After the joke and unsuccessful attempts of former Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly in launching her Nasiha project for imams and mosques to tackle extremism in Muslim communities, her new successor Hazel Blears has shown that she is even more far ahead than Kelly when it comes to […]

The Phony Politics of Pakistan

Published on the Asian Image Website By Moh Bloggs- The events of the last 36 hours in Pakistan should have shown us all something , beyond the death of Benazir Bhutto and above the billowing black smoke as Pakistan burns in rage there should have been an epiphany (a sudden insight into the reality) for the people and […]