BBC Big Questions Appearance

I participated on BBC’s ‘Big Questions’, a flagship program which addresses current issues from a moral, ethical and religious angle.  Hosted by famous anchor Nicky Campbell, the episode focused on 2 topics. On the weekend that the EDL and far-right groups from across Europe held a rally in Denmark,  has Britain become too complacent about […]

LIVE at BBC Big Questions- Sunday – 10AM- 1st April

– LIVE – “BBC Big Questions” Show- Watch Majed & others from Rochdale participate in a studio audience tackling discussions on – EDL & Far right – Raising legal age for Prostitution SUNDAY- 10AM – BBC1

BBC BIG Questions Appearance

On Sunday 30th January 2011 i participated in the BBC Big Questions Show: A live program which deals with topical current issues from a moral/religious framework. Topics for discussion in this episode included the following – Are sexist remarks just harmless banter? – Is it right to rent a womb? – And, is there life […]