TRAILER- Who will save Pakistan?

Although the present environment in Pakistan is politically charged, the corrupt civilian and military leadership are working hard to ensure that power remains amongst them in order to secure American interests in the region. However, over the past 67 years the noble Ummah of Pakistan has realised that it is the change of the system […]

DM Question Time- Youth Debate on problems in Pakistan

Majed was invited onto the UK Based Satellite channel- DM Digital (sky channel 802) for the first episode of a LIVE Youth Show on the issues facing Pakistan today. Full Video of the show below

ASIAN EXPRESS- Exploitation of Power at the Expense of the British Taxpayer

By Majed Iqbal- I was once told that if you went to Pakistan and wanted to strike a conversation with someone whilst travelling on a bus or a coach or in a restaurant, all you have to do is start talking about any one of the following topics – cricket, religion or politics. But the […]

Manchester Evening News- Musharraf’s comeback marred by protests

By Majed Iqbal- Nearly 2,000 people packed into Manchester’s Sheridan Suite over the weekend where former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf launched his new political party despite protests inside and outside the building.The Manchester launch followed ones in London and Birmingham where Musharraf announced his comeback with the All Pakistan Muslim League to restore a ‘troubled Pakistan.’ After a musical start with […]

Oakley speaks out against America’s Colonisation of Pakistan

By Majed Iqbal- ‘We’ve alienated them tremendously. Whether we agree or not” says former US ambassador to Islamabad Robert Oakley. Airing his views on Americas role in Pakistan, Oakley was responding back to a host of views presented by Obama and his team on dealing with this ‘hotspot’ in the world which has drew international […]

Asian Leader Article- Benazirs Assassination- What next for Pakistan?

The following article was published in the North West “Asian leader” Newspaper on 9 January 2008 looking into the events of the aftermath of Benazirs assassination. The article was written for the blog and then consequently submitted to the newpaper for publishing. Click on the image for full screen display. Please click here for full text of article.

SLIDESHOW- After Benazir- What next for Pakistan?

Published on the Asian Image Website By Majed Iqbal- Ever since Benazir stepped backed into Pakistan, security was the key concern for her to ensure she could kick start her Political rallying after securing her deal with the then ‘uniformed’ Musharraf. Her episode in the Karachi Rally where she narrowly escaped death re-asserted the lack of Political […]

Democracy more about Power than the People

By Moh Bloggs Democracy by some is seen as the one stop fix for all the ills of the developing world. It is in the poorest regions of the world which have been exploited for years by mis-management that the “free” choice of the people is pushed the most, by the media and the political […]

The Phony Politics of Pakistan

Published on the Asian Image Website By Moh Bloggs- The events of the last 36 hours in Pakistan should have shown us all something , beyond the death of Benazir Bhutto and above the billowing black smoke as Pakistan burns in rage there should have been an epiphany (a sudden insight into the reality) for the people and […]

Benazirs Assassination- A Product of Foreign Intervention

By Majed Iqbal No week has elapsed without Pakistani politics being thrust onto the international media in the last couple of months. The tragic event of Benazir’s assassination has once again shed the spotlight on the volatile nature of Pakistani Politics; something which no one is currently aloof of. However, the debates continue to rage […]