COMMENT- US Presidential Elections 2016- Dawn of Justice?

By Majed Iqbal- With the third round of the Presidential debate over for the hotly contested POTUS (President of the United states) position, opinion is polarised, with some supporters even willing to sweep past misdemeanors of Clinton and Trump under the carpet, in order to pave a new way ahead. The campaigns by both contestants raise […]

News of the World Saga- The Big Boys & the Media

By Majed Iqbal- The verdict finally came. Rebekah Brooks was acquitted of all charges and on Andy Coulson, he was convicted of phone hacking in his time at the NOTW but the jury failed to reach verdicts in two other counts. In addition many other who have worked for the News of the World were found guilty […]

COMMENT- Mr Milliband, Now you know how Muslims feel!

By Majed Iqbal- Yesterday we saw an emotional rebuttal response from Ed Miliband, Leader of the opposition Labour Party to the remarks made against his father by the Daily Mail who accused him of hating Britain. Whilst one would need to dig deeper to substantiate these allegations made by the paper which were reprinted a second […]

Hajj & the Solution to the World Economic Crisis

By Hamid Choudry-  The pilgrimage to Makkah is traditionally viewed as a spiritual journey…exclusively. There is no doubt that the pilgrimage is a spiritual journey. It is the fifth pillar of Islam, and a duty for all those Muslims who have the means to perform it. For those who fulfil it’s commandments, there is the […]

A run on the Banks will not destroy Capitalism

By Waseem Aslam– The world economic crisis is really starting to bite, just like a cancer it is starting to spread and take hold all over the world. The latest victim is Ireland, Spain and Portugal are not far behind and no one knows when or where it will all end. While the governments of […]

Welcome to project Capitalism

By Waseem Aslam – Reading, watching or listening to the news it is not hard to see that the UK is currently obsessed with one thing and that is money.  It doesn’t make for good reading either, for a society obsessed with material wealth and possessions it couldn’t get any worse. Talk of cuts in the […]