Dutch MP’s Anti- Quran Film: Is this the road to Integration?

By Majed Iqbal– It was on September 30, 2005, when the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten’s, published cartoons depicting the Prophet of Islam in an attempt to “test the level of tolerance of Muslims” living in Danish Society. Two years on from the international furor created by these publications, a sequel with an even more loaded […]

Holland- Serious about Cohesion?

  Published on the Asian News Letters Section By Maqsood Ahmed-  Fitna, a film directed by a Dutch Parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, and to be released shortly has openly called for the Quran to be banned and likens the Quran to Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. All this is done in the name of “freedom of expression”. At a time when […]

Cartoon Controversy- The Man Behind the Message

  A draft article written for the Rochdale committee for Islamic Affairs (RCIA) for submission to the Rochdale Observer Newspaper What started off as a little local difficulty about community integration in Denmark following the publication of the famously controversial cartoons has now escalated into a worldwide chasm. It would be naive to suggest that […]

Rochdale Muslims unite against Cartoons Defaming Prophet of Islam

  Official Statment From Rochdale Committee for Islamic Affairs Muslims around the world have took to the streets protesting and boycotting Danish products following a series of satirical cartoons ridiculing the prophet Muhammad (saw). The Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s, has refused to meet the ambassadors of 11 Muslim countries to discuss censuring the Jyllands-Posten […]