Rochdale Facebook Campaign against Govt ICE project for Mosques

In light of the launch of the ICE (Islamic citizenship and Education) Curriculum, Majeds Blog has organised a Facebook campaign against this project. The ICE Curriculum is going to be launched on Friday 9th October in Rochdale. This Facebook campaign wishes to mobilise Muslims in Rochdale specifically against such projects which have been crafted out […]

Government’s New Islam and Citizenship Education (ICE) Curriculum for Mosques and Madrassah’s- Too cold for the Muslim Community

 By Majed Iqbal- In the last few years there has been an intense effort by the government in taking direct hands on approach in the affairs of the Muslim community in the name of tackling ‘radicalisation’ and combating ‘extremism’. For some, this has been a welcoming gesture, seeing the Government playing a ‘positive’ role in […]

Rochdale Council refuses to disclose PVE funded groups

By Majed Iqbal- A new report issued by the Tax payer’s alliance has singled out Rochdale Council, after it refused to disclose key information on how the Prevention for Violent Extremism (PVE) money had been distributed in Rochdale. The Tax payer’s alliance, an independent body who research where tax payers money is being spent by […]

ASIAN NEWS ARTICLE- MP declares Muslim segregated weddings as signs of ‘Intolerance’

Published on the Asian News Website By Majed Iqbal- A government minister last week joined the list of Politicians in raising, once again, allegations that Muslims lead ‘segregated’ lives. Following a similar line of discussion to his colleague, Jack Straw who raised similar comments on women in Blackburn attending his surgery with Niqaabs and dubbed it […]

Dutch MP’s Anti- Quran Film: Is this the road to Integration?

By Majed Iqbal– It was on September 30, 2005, when the Danish daily newspaper Jyllands-Posten’s, published cartoons depicting the Prophet of Islam in an attempt to “test the level of tolerance of Muslims” living in Danish Society. Two years on from the international furor created by these publications, a sequel with an even more loaded […]

Holland- Serious about Cohesion?

  Published on the Asian News Letters Section By Maqsood Ahmed-  Fitna, a film directed by a Dutch Parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, and to be released shortly has openly called for the Quran to be banned and likens the Quran to Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. All this is done in the name of “freedom of expression”. At a time when […]