Rochdale Facebook Campaign against Govt ICE project for Mosques

In light of the launch of the ICE (Islamic citizenship and Education) Curriculum, Majeds Blog has organised a Facebook campaign against this project. The ICE Curriculum is going to be launched on Friday 9th October in Rochdale. This Facebook campaign wishes to mobilise Muslims in Rochdale specifically against such projects which have been crafted out […]

Government’s New Islam and Citizenship Education (ICE) Curriculum for Mosques and Madrassah’s- Too cold for the Muslim Community

 By Majed Iqbal- In the last few years there has been an intense effort by the government in taking direct hands on approach in the affairs of the Muslim community in the name of tackling ‘radicalisation’ and combating ‘extremism’. For some, this has been a welcoming gesture, seeing the Government playing a ‘positive’ role in […]

Are British Muslims “Attention Seekers”?

By Majed Iqbal- A report issued this month has found eye-opening evidences that Muslims living in Britain suffer disproportionately more from discrimination, racial abuse and racial attacks than any other faith group, and the more openly devout they are, the more likely they are to experience harassment and abuse. The Study titled “Muslims under siege- […]