Rochdale Muslims to participate in Consultation against Compulsory Sex Education for 5 year olds

In the last months, there has been an active campaign to mobilise the Rochdale community against new  Government plans to introduce compulsory sex education for 5 year old children. The group “Rochdale Muslims against Sex and Relationship Education for 5 year olds” has played an active public role in highlighting these proposals and demonstrating exactly how […]

Summer Events to help Empower Muslim Youth

A SERIES of rap contests, football tournaments and graffiti sessions are being organised over summer to help Muslim youths empower themselves. The events are being organised regionally by Hizb-ut-Tahrir as part of their Stand For Islam campaign. Organisers hope the activities will better equip the youngsters against any backlash towards Muslims by helping them to […]

Community Leaders question Rochdale MP’s Propaganda

By Majed Iqbal- It is often populalry quoted in political circles that “A week in politics is a long time” and indeed this has been exactly the case this week after the Question Time Event on “Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community” staged on Saturday 9th february in Rochdale. Amidst the lies and misinformation spread by […]

Asian Image- Debate goes ahead despite MP backing out

Published on the Asian Image Website A Question Time Event looking at “Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community” was attended by over two hundred people. The heavily publicized event drew extra attention after Paul Rowen MP backed out of the debate stating he did not want to give the members of the group Hizb-ut-Tahrir, who […]

Asian News- Hundreds take part in Debate

Published in the Asian News– 13/02/2008 A public forum organised to discuss issues affecting Rochdale Muslims was hailed a success despite one of its key panellists pulling out of the event just days before. The event, which was held in a ‘Question Time’ format, had been organised with local MP Paul Rowen to discuss extremism, […]

The truth Behind Paul Rowen MP’s refusal to attend Rochdale’s Question Time

PRESS RELEASE from Majed’s Blog– Saturday 09/02/2008 Amid much planning, organising and Public discussion, the event titled “Dialogue, Debate and Discussion on Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community” organised by Majeds Blog, a popular Rochdale based Blogger, has gone ahead, despite Paul Rowen MP, deciding not to attend the event. Unfortunately, in true local Politics […]

Rochdales PUBLIC Debate and Discussion on Extremism

Rochdale finally lands it first public cross panel Discussion and Debate in a Question Time Format on the topic of Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community. This well publicised event, organised by Majed’s Blog will tread on covering a whole range of issues related to the current political Climate. Saturday 9th February 2008- 6pm- Castlemere […]


The community in Rochdale was presented with an opportunity to key into the many discussions that have taken place in Government circles, Press, Television and in the Muslim community. Over 70 people attended the event to understand the current political environment in which the Muslim community is being subjected to plans, demands and orders and […]