Valuing the Debate or Debating the Values?

  By Hamid Chaudry- The subject just won’t go away, will it? Or it isn’t allowed to go away. But is that such a bad thing really? Let us look a little closer. A few weeks ago, David Cameron stated , ‘We have to drain the water from the swamp in which the violent extremism […]

VIDEO- Extremism Debate and Discussion

Watch the Question Time event titled “Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community on Youtube. The event drew hundreds and produced a productive enviroment for dialogue in the Rochdale Community. The Event was publicised in the press and was greeted with positive commentary after in local newspapers and regional websites. The Event Video is in five […]

The truth Behind Paul Rowen MP’s refusal to attend Rochdale’s Question Time

PRESS RELEASE from Majed’s Blog– Saturday 09/02/2008 Amid much planning, organising and Public discussion, the event titled “Dialogue, Debate and Discussion on Extremism, Islam and the Muslim Community” organised by Majeds Blog, a popular Rochdale based Blogger, has gone ahead, despite Paul Rowen MP, deciding not to attend the event. Unfortunately, in true local Politics […]