COMMENT- Morsi & Egypt- Compromised Politics never work

By Majed Iqbal- A re-run of the Protests which ousted Mubarak back in 2011? This is what commentators are dubbing the fresh protests in Egypt as  where thousands have converged on the renowned Tahrir Square which shook the throne of the Dictator Mubarak. Its seem surprising that Egyptians are protesting against a Government which they […]

Pakistan Spot-Fixing Verdict- Who is to Blame?

By Majed Iqbal- The verdict of three Pakistani Players, jailed for deliberate no balls in a cricket match designed to show that matches can be fixed to bookies has come as a deep shock. Many described them as talented youngsters with a bright future ahead of them. Mohammed Asif was the second best Test Match […]

DM Question Time Show- Pakistan Drone Attacks & Raymond Davis Case

Majed was invited onto the UK Based Satellite channel- DM Digital (sky channel 802) alongside a panel of distinguished guests for a LIVE Show to discuss the recent turmoil in Pakistan around the Raymond Davis saga and the recent Drone attacks. The Panelists included – Major Shabir Hussain (Retired) – Khwaja Adnan (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf) – […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO- “Josh-e-Junoon”

The video is here!!Whilst the world cup Cricket 2011 is in full swing, who will you be supporting? Does your team have the Junoon (passion) to win? Do they have the Josh (strength) to deliver and win. Is there  team out there which you have forgot supporting?? Watch the video

Davis Dilemma – A Crisis or blessing in disguise for Pakistan?

By Poet AJ– On 27th January Raymond Davis shot dead two Pakistani youth in Lahore whom he alleged were trying to rob him. The Pakistani government has already allowed Blackwater to carry out blasts and kidnap citizens openly but this incident has proven that the rulers in Pakistan have forfeited their sovereignty and given Americans […]

Valuing the Debate or Debating the Values?

  By Hamid Chaudry- The subject just won’t go away, will it? Or it isn’t allowed to go away. But is that such a bad thing really? Let us look a little closer. A few weeks ago, David Cameron stated , ‘We have to drain the water from the swamp in which the violent extremism […]

POEM- The Floods Of Treachery

By Poet-AJ When natural disasters come and go One thing thats not to change for sure The treachery of the rulers seems to last Overtaking the sellouts in the past Who will stop the floods of treachery?

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- Exploitation of power at the cost of the British Tax Payer?

Read Majed’s Article on Musharraf visit to Manchester (UK) published in the Asian Express Newspaper. The article highlights how the British tax payer is paying for the security of Musharraf. But this phenomenon of Pakistani politicians using Britain as a base to re-enter their country’s politics is not limited to Musharraf alone. Read the paper online […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO- Manchester Protesters challenge Musharraf

Musharraf was left dumbfounded for over 10 minutes at his Manchester Party Conference as he took stage to speak but was immediately challenged by protesters who called him a traitor and said Democracy  and dictatorship had failed and it was now time for the Islamic system to be implemented. The footage unfortunately has no sound due to a […]

MUSHARRAF CHALLENGED by Manchester Protesters- “Democracy and Dictatorship have failed Pakistan!”

By Majed Iqbal- A packed hall of around 2,000 people was witness to a huge uproar as Musharraf, in his party’s launch was challenged by Protesters inside the conference building. The Saturday slot  at the Sheridan suite was planned to be the third conference in the UK for the Launch of Musharraf’s new Party, All Pakistan Muslim League where the former General, Chief Executive, Chief of […]