Asian Leader Article- ‘To Vote or Not to Vote?’

More coverage has been given to Blog Video Campaign on “vote or not to vote” in the Asian Leader newspaper. It highlights how the campaign will attempt to gain a  grass roots view on politics from the local community in Rochdale. Click here to read online. Click here to read full article

THE ASIAN NEWS- Manchester Elections Debate explores Political path for Muslim community

By Majed Iqbal- On Sunday night over a hundred people from the Manchester Muslim community attended a panel debate where participants looked into the upcoming elections. The audience were given a lively and vibrant debate where panelists shed light on the much discussed topic of the role of the Muslim community in the upcoming elections. Prior […]

Politics- More than Elections!

By Shareef Hafeez– With the elections just around the corner, the crucial question that is being asked is what is the best way forward for Muslims in British society? For some the only way for ‘change’ is to vote in the upcoming general elections. They have co-opted various imams to issue various fatwa’s on the obligatory […]

ASIAN NEWS- Documentary will look at how Muslims view the election

A Rochdale blogger wants to hear your views on the up-coming general elections. Community activist Majed Iqbal wants to know how the local Muslim community views the current elections for his documentary, To Vote or Not to Vote. It will give people the chance to talk about how they feel about voting, the political parties […]

VIDEO BLOG CAMPAIGN- “To vote or Not to Vote?”

By Majed Iqbal- A new campaign will be launched today which will explore the big Questions on voting in this years Elections. Already being dubbed as the most important and closest of elections in decades, huge emphasis has been attached to getting out and voting by all parties. This comes in the midst of a year of […]