TWEET DECK- 90 LIVE Tweets from the Manchester #KhilafahConference2014

Over 600 people convened on Saturday 13th September to discuss the pressing problems being faced by the Muslim World in Gaza, Iraq, Syria and domestically in Britain at the Khilafah Conference in Manchester. Majed’s Blog brings to you the LIVE tweets from the event detailing the key messages from the panelists. "Spread the discussion about Khilafah […]

Selena Gomez heckled for supporting Gaza

The murder of hundreds of people and injuries of thousands In Gaza by the Zionist, racist and illegal state of Israel would not fail to have moved even the most stone hearted of people, except those blind followers of Israel who sit behind desks in their Media hubs to silence the debates condemning Israel on […]

JUMAH KHUTBA- Approaching the Quran Truly and Completely

By Majed Iqbal- Insha’allah you are all in the best state of health and Imaan. Please take time to send durood (salutations) upon the Prophet ﷺ (Allah’s peace and blessings be be upon him), especially on the Day of Jum’ah. Abu Hurayrah (ra) may Allah be pleased with him narrated Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said, “The person who recites eighty […]

**EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW** – Rabbi Cohen speaks out against #Gazaunderattack

FROM THE ARCHIVES- Rabbi Cohen exposes Israel as being un-representative of Jewish beliefs and supports the idea of Jews and Muslims living under a Caliphate which will guarantee real prosperity for different faiths.   Interviewed by Majed Iqbal & Waseem Aslam Rabbi Cohen, how do you feel the world community should look at the current […]

VIDEO- Karbala Yesterday- Gaza Today- have we learnt anything?

I was invited onto the Ummah Channel on the ‘Community Platform’ show to discuss the recent Gaza Crisis in Light of the sacred Month Muharram and the historic Sacrifices made by the Grandson of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Imam Husain at Karbala. Have we learnt anything about the Example of Imam Hussain? Are we exempt […]

ASIAN LEADER ARTICLE- Ex-American Soldier on Flotilla- “The invasion was illegal from the Start”

The article is an exclusive interview for Asian Leader with Ken o Keefe who boarded the Gaza Flotilla to help with getting aid to Gaza and instead encountered Israels State brutality. Read the full article on the blog here. Read the Asian leader newspaper Article on page 20 on the lookasia website

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- The Ex-American soldier on the Gaza Flotilla

By Majed Iqbal- This year in May, the world witnessed the attack on the Flotilla peace convoy to Gaza by Israeli forces where nine people were killed on board. Whilst commentators described this as a an act of International piracy, three months on, Israel continues to deny cooperation with a UN investigation into the Israeli […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW- Rabbi Cohen on Gaza Massacres by Israel (Part 1)

The recent Flotilla episode where Israeli forces murdered civilians on a peace convoy to help Gaza rebuild itself has once again created international outrage. Last year also saw Israels state terrorism when they brutally murdered hundreds and injured thousands when they attacked Gaza in their role in the dubious war on terror.

GAZA- Time to ask ourselves a really important question

By Andrusha Wickremeratne- In the early morning hours of 31st May armed Israelis attacked a flotilla of aid ships in international waters and killed 9 Turkish people aboard the “Mavi Marmara”. Dozens more were seriously injured. The convoy was taking aid, mainly in the form of medicines and food, to the besieged Gazan population. Gaza, […]

Israeli attack on Gaza Peace Convoy- What can Muslims do?

By Majed Iqbal- The unfortunate news this morning of the Israeli attack on the Gaza peace convoy, once again has come across as a shock internationally, much like the December attack in 2008 on Gaza. –          All Politicians must openly condemn these heinous acts against a peaceful convoy –          The British Government must take active steps […]