COMMENT: EDL calls for ‘Burning Quran’ in Rochdale Rally

 By Majed Iqbal- This weekend saw the English defense League pouring into Rochdale to protest against what they believe was underlying cultural issues which saw 9 men convicted last month for grooming under-age girls for sex. EDL visited last year too in March, voicing concern over the same issue. But this time it was different. […]

COMMENT: Dutch MP ordered to be Prosecuted after anti-Islamic Statements

By Majed Iqbal- After months of rhetoric only now the Courts move in for incitement of religious hatred against Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Will Denmark follow suit next charging the Editors of Jyllands Posten Newspaper who published and re-published later offensive cartoons of the Prophet of Islam?? How about Prosecuting Jack Straw for his remarks […]

Exclusive Video- Stand For Islam Documentary

By Majeds Video Blog Team- The last few years have seen increased Propaganda and rhetoric issued against Muslims living in Europe. Despite quotations aired in scripted style by Politicians, Media and government on freedom, tolerance and pluralism, the reality seems to be far from Muslims when it comes to their treatment. Publishing of the Insulting […]