Quran burning Protests highlight deteriorating support for US presence

By Majed Iqbal- Earlier this week reports broke out  of an incident of Quran Burning by a US Soldier in Afghanistan. The incident, not being the first, was met with mass protests in Afghanistan, spilling over next door in Pakistan as people finished Friday prayers and took to the streets. John Allen, the top commander of American […]

DM Question Time- Youth Debate: Pak-US Relations

Majed was invited to the second part of a Youth Debate Show on the issues surrounding Pakistan today on the UK Based Pakistani Channel, DM Digital. Episode 2 looked at the relationship between Pakistan and the USA and its implications domestically and future repercussions for the countries involved

BAD MEN– Guantanamo Bay & the secret prisons

BAD MEN– Guantanamo Bay & the secret prisons An evening with Clive Stafford Smith- Hebden Bridge- West Yorkshire – 3rd July 2007 By Andrusha Wickremeratne (Hebden Bridge) As my wife and I walked into a packed cinema hall on Tuesday evening, I recognised a dimunitive, bespectacled, slim looking man sitting patiently, seemingly waiting his turn. […]