ASIAN EXPRESS- Exploitation of Power at the Expense of the British Taxpayer

By Majed Iqbal- I was once told that if you went to Pakistan and wanted to strike a conversation with someone whilst travelling on a bus or a coach or in a restaurant, all you have to do is start talking about any one of the following topics – cricket, religion or politics. But the […]

British Boy Sahil Kidnap Case- Who are the Culprits?

By Majed Iqbal- A story which has acclaimed international attention in the last few weeks has now come to rest. The abduction and kidnapping of a five year old child from Oldham travelling to Pakistan with his family hit news stations and papers across the globe as the case was followed hourly anticipating the worst outcome. Finally, after a Global operation […]

VIDEO- Why do Pakistanis resent America?

Pakistan has been at the crux of the War on Terror and has been described as an indispensable ally by the Americans. However, the Pakistani population has been distant from the government and showed signs of concern on the special relationship which the US enjoys. The following video questions America and its policies towards Pakistan […]