Milly Dowler Case- ‘An Eye For an Eye, A Life for A Life’

By Hamid Chaudry- The heart wrenching case of Milly Dowler, the 13 year old girl abducted and murdered in 2002, drew to an emotional close last week, as, following the conviction of Levi Bellfield, her family members took turns to share with the nation how the case had affected their lives for the past nine […]

POEM- The EDL came

Dedicated to the Muslim Youth of Bradford who did not fall for the trap set by the EDL and UAF. Also a message for Muslim youth everywhere to think carefully about how to respond to the attacks on Islam. In Bradford it was the EDL who had the negative media coverage because of their hooligan […]

BBC and Sky’s ‘impartial’ coverage of Gaza come under raps!

By Majed Iqbal– Sky News and the BBC came under heavy criticism on their refusal to broadcast an emergency appeal for Gaza by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), an umbrella group of humanitarian charities including Oxfam, Save the Children and the Red Cross, in spite of renewed pressure from the public on the grounds that […]