TWEET DECK- ‘Charlie Hebdo Attack’- What is the Muslim response?

Majed’s Blog has been actively tweeting about the Paris attack where French Cartoonists, Editors and staff were murdered in cold blood. Whilst all Muslims will condemn the killings, below are a range of views which provide context and perspective to the debate on the events #CharlieHebdo are not martyrs for free speech as previously they […]

VIDEO- Birmingham Case Acquittals, Tariq Jahan, & Concept of Justice- Ummah Channel Show

I was invited onto the Community Platform Show on Ummah Channel to discuss the topic of “VIDEO- Birmingham Acquittal, Tariq Jahan, & Concept of Justice”. The debate focused on the idea of Justice, leadership, Treatment of Minorities and how to present Islam as an alternative Ideological framework to view problems and solutions from.

SPECIAL REPORT- A case of Mistaken identity?

The debate over identity arouses the strongest of passion in individuals. In today’s multi-cultural, global village, what is the role of identity in defining who we are, and the relationships we forge with others in wider society? Read this special Report written by Blog Contributor. Clickon the link Below to read full report SPECIAL REPORT

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- NO to Govt Agenda- Bolton residents challenge ‘Extremism’ Project

By Majed Iqbal- Questions have arisen across forums throughout Britain post recent raids at a Manchester University campus involving International Pakistani students falsely and also the Forest gate episode where the house of two brothers was raided and ravaged by 40 police officers at 4am in the morning It transpires the basis of these raids […]

“Your Hijab is Bondage” says Hotel owner- How Free is Speech?

By Majed Iqbal- A court has cleared two Christian hoteliers accused of religiously insulting a Muslim guest at their Hotel. Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang were hauled into the dock after a white British convert to Islam complained they had called the prophet Mohammed ‘a warlord’ and told her that Muslim women were oppressed. Supporters broke […]

ASIAN NEWS ARTICLE- MP declares Muslim segregated weddings as signs of ‘Intolerance’

Published on the Asian News Website By Majed Iqbal- A government minister last week joined the list of Politicians in raising, once again, allegations that Muslims lead ‘segregated’ lives. Following a similar line of discussion to his colleague, Jack Straw who raised similar comments on women in Blackburn attending his surgery with Niqaabs and dubbed it […]

BBC ‘The Big Questions’ Appearance

On Sunday morning 19 July i participated in the BBC programme, The big Questions’. The show can be seen on the link HERE. my comments appear at 36.30 during the show. Three areas were looked at- 1. Should the Government introduce marriage  2. Are Faith schools divisive and 3. Is there a North and south […]

ASIAN LEADER ARTICLE- “Renting while Muslim”- India’s new Conundrum

The following article was published in the Asian Leader Newspaper examining if India had really progressed as a secular democracy in light of revelations of further discrimination of Muslims in housing. The full Article can be read here. Read the newspaper online on the Look Asia Website .

“Renting While Muslim”- India’s new Conundrum!

By Majed Iqbal- Indian Elections are in full Swing as the Worlds largest democracy takes its course to decide the future of its 1.1 billion populous. India’s marathon elections entered the penultimate phase of the five-stage election with parties going head to head in the last rounds. In this festival like Election fever, feelings around […]

Chief Justice Lord Phillips and his Misconceptions on Shariah Law

By Majed Iqbal– What was sparked off as a major discussion in February this year by Archbishop Rowan Williams on Shariah law has once again re-surfaced in the Media. However, this time its not a religious figure who will be maligned by the nation for promoting values of Islam instead of his own faith. Joining […]