COMMENT- ‘Students turn to Prostitution to fund Studies’

By Majed Iqbal- A report aired on BBC Radio 5 live today morning on  ‘Students turning to Prostitution to fund their Studies’ grabbed my attention immediately. The report highlighted that more and more students were turning to work in the sex industry to pay their way through university in the face of rising tuition fees […]

PASSION ISLAM Magazine Article- ‘Prevent’ only targets Muslims and not far-right extremists

Passion Islam Magazines July 2011 Edition features an article written by Majed on the co-alition governments long awaited strategy on tackling ‘extremism’- Read the Online article titled ‘‘Prevent’ only targets Muslims and not far-right extremists’ by Clicking here Read the Full text of the article here

‘Prevent’ only targets Muslims and not far-right extremists

 By Majed Iqbal- The Coalition Government released their long-awaited strategy to counter extremism, radicalisation and in the process diminish the threat of Terrorism the country faces. The ‘Prevent’ Strategy, a title borrowed from the previous Labour Governments efforts in this field, has been described by Political observers as simply a re-hash and recycled document that […]