Valuing the Debate or Debating the Values?

  By Hamid Chaudry- The subject just won’t go away, will it? Or it isn’t allowed to go away. But is that such a bad thing really? Let us look a little closer. A few weeks ago, David Cameron stated , ‘We have to drain the water from the swamp in which the violent extremism […]

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- Kristiane Backer- “From MTV to Mecca”

Read the Exclusive Interview By Majed with Kristiane Backer, former MTV europe Presenter, for the Asian Express National Newspaper. The article evaluates the new report issued last month which highlighted over 5,ooo people embrace Islam every year in Britain. Read the EXCLUSIVE Interview online by clicking here

SPECIAL REPORT- More British Converts To Islam

By Zaufishan Iqbal- A new report Reveals that there are over 5,000 people embracing Islam every year in Britain. Despite material progression and freedoms at their disposal, why are many Britons re-defining their views on life? This special report for Majed’s Blog unveils some of these questions. This report “More British Converts To Islam- The […]

POEM- The Test ….

By Poet 786 Where would you stand when faced with the test? Would you choose Allah if you had to leave the rest? When your wealth would no longer stay “O Allah, I hear & I obey” if you were to say

Pakistan Floods Disaster- “Charity is necessary but it’s not the Solution!”

By Majed Iqbal “We never saw even one government employee. People were asking us, ‘Are you from government?’” These were the words of Sami-ur-Rahman who recently visited the flood affected areas in Pakistan, described by the United Nations as a disaster far worse than the Tsunami, Haiti Earthquake and the Pakistan earthquake in 2005, all […]