The London Olympics & Ramadan

By Hamid Choudry- The London 2012 Olympics have now finished. These Games captivated the entire nation…nay, the entire world, for weeks with the collection of the worlds sporting elite, all vying to prove their superiority against fellow competitors. To be remembered as ‘true Olympians’ in winning medals at consecutive games. We will recall Usain Bolt’s performances […]

JUMAH KHUTBA- Olympics 2012 & the Muslim Athletes Dilemma

By Majed Iqbal- Inshallah you are all in the best state of health and Imaan. Please take time to send durood upon the Prophet (saw) especially on the Day of Jumah. Abu Hurayrah (ra) may Allah be pleased with him narrated Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said: “The person who recites eighty times on Friday (the following supplication) immediately after Asr Salah, before […]