Selena Gomez heckled for supporting Gaza

The murder of hundreds of people and injuries of thousands In Gaza by the Zionist, racist and illegal state of Israel would not fail to have moved even the most stone hearted of people, except those blind followers of Israel who sit behind desks in their Media hubs to silence the debates condemning Israel on […]

**EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW** – Rabbi Cohen speaks out against #Gazaunderattack

FROM THE ARCHIVES- Rabbi Cohen exposes Israel as being un-representative of Jewish beliefs and supports the idea of Jews and Muslims living under a Caliphate which will guarantee real prosperity for different faiths.   Interviewed by Majed Iqbal & Waseem Aslam Rabbi Cohen, how do you feel the world community should look at the current […]

PALESTINE: Visiting The Land Of The Furthest Mosque

By Hamid Chaudry- I recently had the great fortune of visiting the blessed land of Palestine. The memories of the journey will stay with all of us who travelled. Our group… twenty strong, embarked on a visit to the three holiest sites in Islam… the Masjids in Makkah, Madinah and Al-Quds, or Jerusalem, to use […]

POEM- Palestine

By Poet 786 i am a land of dignity Do not show me sympathy For it is a chronic disease That only puts your heart at ease i am still occupied! As my blood flows Do not shed tears Once your eyes have dried You are no longer horrified i am still occupied! As my daughters are raped Do […]

JUMAH KHUTBA- Celebrating Eid

By Majed Iqbal- Inshallah you are all in the best state of health and Imaan.  Please take time to send durood upon the Prophet (saw) especially on the Day of Jumah.. Abu Hurrayrah (Radi Allah Ta’lah Anhu) narrated Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said,  “The person who recites eighty times on Friday (the following Durood) immeadiately after Asar […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- The Ex-American soldier on the Gaza Flotilla

By Majed Iqbal- This year in May, the world witnessed the attack on the Flotilla peace convoy to Gaza by Israeli forces where nine people were killed on board. Whilst commentators described this as a an act of International piracy, three months on, Israel continues to deny cooperation with a UN investigation into the Israeli […]

Israeli attack on Gaza Peace Convoy- What can Muslims do?

By Majed Iqbal- The unfortunate news this morning of the Israeli attack on the Gaza peace convoy, once again has come across as a shock internationally, much like the December attack in 2008 on Gaza. –          All Politicians must openly condemn these heinous acts against a peaceful convoy –          The British Government must take active steps […]

MAJEDS BLOG EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- Rabbi speaks out: “Israel needs to be dismantled”

By Majed Iqbal and Waseem Aslam- Over 1000 men, women and children have been killed and over 5000 injured in Israel’s brutal state terrorism over the last few weeks in Gaza. Attacks on UN Buildings, Schools, cutting off humanitarian aid and medical supplies and bombing civilian houses and even graveyards have been the scenes we […]

ASIAN LEADER ARTICLE- Zionism is an Immoral and Illegitmate idea

The following interview was published in the Asian Leader Newspaper presenting a unique perspective on the state of Israel. One which is seldom heard of and is often muted deliberately and tarnished as ‘unrepresentative’voices. The full Interview can be read here on the blog and can also be read on the Look Asia website

Letter from a sister in Gaza

(Translated from Arabic)- Asaalam-u- Alaykum- My dear sisters and brothers I wanted to take this opportunity to send you a message from the sisters in Gaza. Please hear our situation and tell everyone that you know and dont know. Our situation is dire but our eman is strong alhamdulillah, even though we have no water […]