DM Question Time- Youth Debate on problems in Pakistan

Majed was invited onto the UK Based Satellite channel- DM Digital (sky channel 802) for the first episode of a LIVE Youth Show on the issues facing Pakistan today. Full Video of the show below

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO- “Josh-e-Junoon”

The video is here!!Whilst the world cup Cricket 2011 is in full swing, who will you be supporting? Does your team have the Junoon (passion) to win? Do they have the Josh (strength) to deliver and win. Is there  team out there which you have forgot supporting?? Watch the video

ASIAN EXPRESS ARTICLE- Exploitation of power at the cost of the British Tax Payer?

Read Majed’s Article on Musharraf visit to Manchester (UK) published in the Asian Express Newspaper. The article highlights how the British tax payer is paying for the security of Musharraf. But this phenomenon of Pakistani politicians using Britain as a base to re-enter their country’s politics is not limited to Musharraf alone. Read the paper online […]

THE ASIAN NEWS- Musharraf’s comeback marred by protests

By Majed Iqbal- Nearly 2,000 people packed into Manchester’s Sheridan Suite over the weekend where former president of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf launched his new political party despite protests inside and outside the building.The Manchester launch followed ones in London and Birmingham where Musharraf announced his comeback with the All Pakistan Muslim League to restore a ‘troubled Pakistan.’ After a musical start with […]