UMMAH CHANNEL APPEARANCE on the “Debate Night” Show- French Burka Ban

I was invited on the Popular ‘Debate Night’ Show aired on the UK based satellite Station, Ummah Channel, to discuss the French Ban on the Burka which became law earlier this week. The subject was emotive, as once again, Islam and Muslims in Europe were  the subject of debate on an issue which remains confusing […]

French ‘Officially’ ban the burka- A Superiority Complex?

By Majed Iqbal-France becomes the first country to enforce a ban against the niqab (Muslim face veil) Monday, when new legislation comes into force. Not enough with banning the headscarf from government institutions and buildings including schools, colleges and universities, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy sparked off deeper controversies by calling for the burka to […]

Vying for Power in the New ‘Middle East’ Order

By Hamid Chaudry (NEW Blog Contributor)- The scenes from Egypt and the Middle East are unfolding before our very eyes, almost too fast to scribe. These momentous events will do more to shape the future of not only the Middle East, but also global politics, consigning the previous despotic thirty year rule to a postscript […]

POEM- Walls of Fear

By Poet-AJ As the Berlin wall fell brick by brick “Liberation is not for you” we were told With Mubarak, Gaddafi and Ben Ali you have to stick Change we were asked “How was it to unfold?”  It was placed in our hearts, it was the Wall of Fear! Everything in life that was temporary had […]

POEM- Oh Mubarak!

By Yasmeen Ahmed You came into power through contrived controlled elections, tampering of results, intimidations, & bogus votes. Your Job Description:- To uphold, promote & implement the agenda of imperialist forces & neo colonialists! Your Salary:- Your title, countless luxuries and the bonus of assured security!   Oh! Ruthless Rulers! You fulfil your role by […]

JUMAH KHUTBA- Tunisia and the Protests across the Middle East- The time has now come

By Majed Iqbal- No one has failed to notice the events in North Africa and the Middle East in the last weeks. The Muslims in Tunisia rose up in their masses after decades of frustration against the tyrannical and oppressive rule of Ben Ali. This was the man who hated the message of Allah and […]

PASSION ISLAM MAGAZINE Article- Sarkozy calls for burka ban- A Superiority Complex?

The following article was published in the Nationwide Passion Islam Monthly Magazine which addressed French President Sarkozys proposals to ban the Burka (veil) in France. The article can be read online on the Passion Islam Online Magazine on page 2. Click Here to read further. Read the text of the article on the Blog by clicking […]