ASIAN IMAGE Article- Sex education for five year olds?

A campaign has been launched in Rochdale following a new government project for primary schools which is set to be rolled out later this year. The controversial Sex and relationships (SRE) studies, aimed to open up the minds of five year old primary school children towards understanding sexual behaviour, orientation and managing relationships is currently in the consultation […]

FACEBOOK SRE CAMPAIGN- Sign the Online Petition

Sign the petition against Sex and relationship Education which as part of new Government plans can be introduced soon to be taught at Primary school to children as young as 5 years old.  Show your support to stop this initiative. Sign the Petition by clicking on the link Below. Join the Campaign and become active […]

ASIAN NEWS ARTICLE- Sex education is parental responsibility says campaigner

The following article was published on the Asian News Site covering the Rochdale campaign against SRE for 5 year old primary school children. A MUSLIM community activist is campaigning against government plans to introduce sex and relationship education to primary school children as young as five. Rochdale blogger, Majed Iqbal set up a Facebook campaign […]

Join the Facebook Campaign for Rochdale Muslims against SRE for 5 year olds

Join the Facebook Campaign for Rochdale Muslim against SRE by adding yourself onto the group. Keep informed over the developments to be made in Rochdale on this important community agenda. Participate in the campaign and protect the Islamic social values for your future generation. If you’re ready for action, then Click Here