Rochdale Grooming case revisited- Who will address ‘Generation Sex’?

No community will accept the grooming of girls for sex. It is also not a time to point figures at victims and go through a blame game. What right minded, thinking individuals should be doing is questioning the values upon which society is built and how from here they plan to safeguard those under their protection.

ASIAN EXPRESS- “Operation Trojan Horse- The Muslim takeover of Birmingham Schools”

  By Majed Iqbal- A leaked document last month claimed an alleged plot to oust twelve Birmingham head teachers to make their schools more suitable to accommodate Islamic principles. Click below to read the full Article online WEB ARTICLE ASIAN EXPRESS- Yorkshire Edition (Page 8) ASIAN EXPRESS- National Edition (page 10)

ASIAN IMAGE ARTICLE- Rochdale Forum Questions Straw’s comments on Grooming

By Majed Iqbal– Rochdale has been under the spotlight in the last weeks after a report issued in the Times Newspaper highlighted cases of grooming of girls for sex and the subsequent imprisonment of young men from Rochdale. The case of Grooming hit the national news when thirteen men were charged in relation to Operation […]

UMMAH CHANNEL Appearance on the “Debate Night” Show- Jack Straw comments on Grooming

On Wednesday 12th January i was invited to participate on the Big Debate show on the Ummah Channel- a UK based Islamic television Network. The show focused on Jack Straw, former Home Secretary’s comments when he said Pakistani men were “fizzing and popping with testosterone, they want some outlet for that, but Pakistani-heritage girls are […]


The following article was published in the Passion Islam Magazine Spetember 2009 edition. The article was written for this blog by one of the contributors. Read the Article ONLINE on pages 24-26.  To read the full article by Zaythoun Suleman, please CLICK HERE.

Rochdale Muslims to participate in Consultation against Compulsory Sex Education for 5 year olds

In the last months, there has been an active campaign to mobilise the Rochdale community against new  Government plans to introduce compulsory sex education for 5 year old children. The group “Rochdale Muslims against Sex and Relationship Education for 5 year olds” has played an active public role in highlighting these proposals and demonstrating exactly how […]

Rochdale unites against Government proposals for compulsory Sex education for 5 year olds

By Majed Iqbal- Rochdale’s campaign against the introduction of compulsory sex education for 5 year olds stepped into the next phase with the first of its public events. At Kashmir youth project, Rochdale, over 50 members of the local community, consisting of teachers, Deputy heads, Parents, Primary School Governors, Councillors, Mosque representatives, Youth parliament delegate, […]

ROCHDALE SRE CAMPAIGN- Campaign Leaflet for Distribution

Download the Rochdale Campaign leaflet to use for distribution in your local area. You can use it to highlight the concerning nature of the government Proposals on making sex and relationship education statutory for Primary school children. You can print off the PDF copy and use it at your own stall and encourage people in […]

SLIDESHOW- Rochdale Stall for SRE Campaign

Campaign stalls have been running for 2 weeks highlighting the growing concern on Government plans to introduce Sex Education for 5 year old children. The slideshow shows  the Weekly Saturdays Stall for the SRE Campaign that is growing in support in Rochdale

MUSLIMS.NET ARTICLE- Britons against sex classes for children

 (Part of Al-jazeerah publishing)- CAIRO – With the British government planning to offer sex classes in primary schools, a campaign has been launched on the world’s largest social network Facebook to counter the move, reported the Rochdale Observer on Saturday, April 25. “We believe the teaching of SRE (sex and relationship education) in schools is […]